New York Film Academy Acting for Film Program

New York Film Academy is an excellent academy that promotes professional and personal growth of the student. I made this conclusion from my own experience – studying Acting within its walls.

First, I want to mention the most important thing for me – the human relationship. I asked the American students if all the schools in the U.S. are the same as New York Film Academy. They replied that they never met such a high level of interaction between staff and students. Administration at New York Film Academy helped and supported me greatly in my difficult life situations, which I did not even count on. In any situation where I have a question or problem (not even about NYFA), or if I needed advice and/or concrete help – I was always being helped, guided, and supported. New York Film Academy saved me many times, and if it were not for the administration of the Academy, I do not even know how I would have gotten out of difficult life situations.

All teachers at New York Film Academy are working professionals. Their expertly constructed lessons, guidance of our professional development, and caring and considerate participation of Administration of the Academy made my learning experience unforgettable. I stress this because international students, cut off from home and family, in a foreign country where they speak a different language, have a very hard life! And NYFA for me, as for many other foreign students, is home!

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New York Film Academy Acting Student


My name is Ndaka Chigariro. I was enrolled at New York Film Academy by Jack Newman, who made my application process very smooth. I’ve enjoyed my time at New York Film Academy LA largely because I had an enthusiastic team of instructors, who never gave up on me when I was running low on hope of harnessing the necessary tools to enable me to be an actor. With what I’ve learn, I can certifiably say that I’ve grown as a budding actor. The Meisner classes were key in understanding my role as an actor. I now see where I’ve been wrong in the work I’ve done in the past. Without Meisner, the other classes would have been useless for me, I’d say.

I intend to pursue acting as a career, and hope to produce stories. I’d also like to write and hopefully direct films in the future. For now, I’ll focus on acting and screenwriting. I’ve just inquired about the screenwriting course at New York Film Academy and hope to enroll next year.

Overall, I have to say I’m excited to have had the opportunity to attend New York Film Academy and learn the amount of skills I’ve acquire. I look forward to joining the working world next year.

Ndaka Chigariro

New York Film Academy Acting Student

Going to New York Film Academy so far has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life. I met a lot of talented, aspiring artists who have their own story to tell. I also found there were inspiring and wonderful teachers who helped us become the best that we can be. I have nothing but good things to say bout the school. Yes, it isn’t perfect, but the pros are far more present than the cons. Call this school all you want, but I recommend it, especially if you want to become a well-rounded actor!

New York Film Academy rocks!

-Samuel Oliver

New York Film Academy 2 Year Acting Student

I am currently attending the two year acting for film program and I will finish my first year on the 16th of June. I’m spending my second year at the Universal Studios campus to get my AFA degree.

From the start, my admissions counselor was very helpful and supportive through each step of my journey to New York and is still currently helping me with my transfer to LA. When in doubt, I know she is always there to consult and guide me.

I love a lot about New York Film Academy, but Acting for Film is my favorite class because we get to see the teacher direct a scene from an objective point of view and also practice our skills in front of the camera. It gives a real feel of what a set would be like and it helps us mentally and physically prepare for what that’s actually like. Most of our teachers are working professionals, which really gives an edge to the training because you know it’s coming from reality.

My Meisner teacher was my favorite instructor. He was taught by the master teacher (Meisner himself) and has carried on his teaching legacy for the last 25 years. He does not give up on us when we fail to understand how the technique should be used and therefore will repeatedly force us to keep going until we decipher the concept.

The atmosphere at New York Film Academy is like this – there are always going to be people there that support you, help you, not give up on you, but they’ll never coddle you or hand you anything. Like my admissions counselor always said, “We’re not going to prepare you for a business that doesn’t exist.”

My advice for anyone coming into New York Film Academy to study is the same advice I have been given by every teacher so far: be professional in everything you do. It starts on your first day, and should definitely not end when you graduate.

-Rajvi Lodhia