New York Film Academy Filmmaking Student

The New York Film Academy seems to combine many elements of the field, which I can learn in a short amount of time and find which aspects I like best. I am studying at the New York Film Academy because I want to become a filmmaker who understands the strategic choices behind creating a powerful film.

I chose to study at NYFA because it’s reasonably priced, has a wide international study body, and a great filmmaking programs. I have found the hands-on experience very helpful and efficient too.

-Tomer Sinai

New York Film Academy 1-Year Filmmaking Student

I am studying at the New York Film Academy to begin my career as a filmmaker.

The standout teaching methods used here are when the teachers take their time to be hands-on with equipment and show you how to use it – other than just telling you. The hands-on approach the school uses is great.

I would recommend this school because there are a variety of aspects to learn.

-David Roberts

NYFA Tween Camp Student

I wrote and talked to you last summer when Taos was coming from Singapore to participate in the New York Film Academy film course near Wall Street, with lodging included. I tried to find you a few times during the session, since I was staying in town with my daughter who was on the Tweens NYFA option, but understand you work at a different campus.
Just wanted to say the program was (is) SUPERB. Taos really enjoyed himself, and the counselors were GREAT. It’s an excellent, well-run, responsible program. Both children had a fantastic time, and we highly recommend it to our friends. You remember I wanted to make sure that Taos was sheltered during his on-campus lodging, given that we live in a conservative society back in Singapore. Taos ended up with another international student who’d gone to his same elementary school in Singapore, so he were very happy. He’s got the door name tag from NYFA on his bedroom door now. It was an excellent program, and really helped him get a leg-up in his filmmaking course at school this year. Big kudos to the counselors too.
Susan Chang

NYFA Universal Studios Backlot

The New York Film Academy at Universal Studios is located on the back lot of Universal Studios, Los Angeles.

Students can study filmmaking, acting for film, producing, screenwriting, 3D animation, photography, musical theater, cinematography, broadcast journalism or editing.

NYFA holds MFA, BFA, AFA programs as well as workshops from one-week, four-week, eight-week and evening workshops. NYFA also has programs for teens (14-17 years old) and tweens (10-13 years old).