New York Film Academy 1 Year Filmmaking Student

I hope to obtain a management job in my career, so New York Film Academy provides me the experience I need to develop my skills.

Teaching methods I’ve found valuable at the New York Film Academy are suggestions by Brad Sample and Sal. I really like what they have to say, and the way they teach is what I need in order to do my best.

I chose to study at NYFA over other schools because it allows the most time to shoot and be a part of what we are learning. I would recommend this school to others looking to get into the industry because it’s a place to learn real skills.

-Yiyi Chen

New York Film Academy Filmmaking Student

The New York Film Academy seems to combine many elements of the field, which I can learn in a short amount of time and find which aspects I like best. I am studying at the New York Film Academy because I want to become a filmmaker who understands the strategic choices behind creating a powerful film.

I chose to study at NYFA because it’s reasonably priced, has a wide international study body, and a great filmmaking programs. I have found the hands-on experience very helpful and efficient too.

-Tomer Sinai

New York Film Academy 1 Year Filmmaking Review

The New York Film Academy has campuses located all over the world in various cities, which is primarily why I chose to study here. I also want to start my studies in New York City and transfer to LA to finish my degree, which is another great benefit of attending NYFA.

I want to improve my skills in filmmaking and use those skills to make my own films in my home country. Here you learn by doing and not just through theory and talking about film.

-Ni Ao

New York Film Academy 1 Year Filmmaking Student

While studying at the New York Film Academy, I want to further increase my knowledge of film. I’ve done four years of TV production in high school and I’ve decided to completely pursue this craft. I chose NYFA to determine which specific niche I’d like to follow and make a career out of. Editing has become my main passion.

I like being hands-on while learning. This standout teaching method I have found the most valuable and helpful in retaining the most information. Examples of what teachers are speaking about – specifically visual examples are extremely helpful.

When choosing a school I chose NYFA because it would give me the fastest access to equipment to shoot, and it’s main idea is to learn by doing. This trial and error method helps us learn if we did something wrong and then provides constructive criticism to help us become better.

The equipment and teaching staff are excellent. The faculty has outstanding experience and knowledge of the industry, which provides us with a lot of different opinions.

-Taj Francois

New York Film Academy MFA Filmmaking Student

I want to become an independent movie director, so I chose to get my Masters Degree at the New York Film Academy. During my first semester at NYFA, we practiced a lot on 16mm black and white cameras, which was extremely beneficial to my learning here.

One of the main reasons I chose to study NYFA is because I wanted to learn how to use the 35mm camera, 16mm camera, and the RED.

NYFA has great degree programs, especially for those looking to pursue a BFA degree. It’s also a great school for people who want to shoot film, even if they have never touched a camera before.

-Sengs Tumen

New York Film Academy 1 Year Filmmaking Student

New York Film Academy helps you learn more about the art of filmmaking and how to get a job doing something in the film industry.

The hands-on approach works best because it makes learning about film easier.

New York Film Academy stood out to me because it’s very well known, has a great great reputation and is in the heart of New York City. For those looking to get into the industry and want to be taught by excellent teachers, then they should study at NYFA.

NYFA is awesome!

-Rob Servidone

New York Film Academy Filmmaking Student

I hope to be a film director, which is why I chose to study at the New York Film Academy and learn basic filmmaking.

Cinema Studies has been my favorite part about the filmmaking program. I like this class because it gives you an idea of the style of the films and it helps inspire the films that we produce at NYFA. In addition to Cinema Studies, I love production workshops since students have a chance to work closely with teachers.

-Pablo Vaca