New York Film Academy Documentary Student

I enrolled in the New York Film Academy Documentary program in September 2011, because it was the most intense hands-on program I could find. I think it was a great choice! The program is structured around 6 film projects (two video logs and 4 shorts) in 11 months, which kept us extremely busy (often meaning more than 10 hours per day at school). I had the steepest learning curve in my life and have learned from some of the best in their field – professors who are also very productive film professionals. We had a lot of masterclasses where award-winning documentaries were presented by their producers, directors and cinematographers. I met some amazing young filmmakers. When our class started, we were 20 people from 18 different countries, which is a great experience on its own. In addition, doing a documentary program in a city like New York was a chance to quickly get to know the city in its endless diversity.

After graduating, I decided to take the opportunity to stay for an extra year of practical training (OPT). As of 1 November 1st, I will be interning at Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy Award-winning producer, Alex Gibney’s, Jigsaw Productions ( I will be assiting as an AVID intern on their latest Fela Kuti project ( As a big fan of Fela, and someone who spent part of their childhood in Nigeria, I am really looking forward to it :)

I cannot thank New York Film Academy enough for the fantastic year! A special thanks goes to our production professor, Alexandra Johnes (a kick-ass producer but also Neverending Story’s magical princess) for recommending me at Jigsaw!

Best to New York Film Academy :)

-Maria Stanisheva

New York Film Academy Acting Student

Going to New York Film Academy so far has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life. I met a lot of talented, aspiring artists who have their own story to tell. I also found there were inspiring and wonderful teachers who helped us become the best that we can be. I have nothing but good things to say bout the school. Yes, it isn’t perfect, but the pros are far more present than the cons. Call this school all you want, but I recommend it, especially if you want to become a well-rounded actor!

New York Film Academy rocks!

-Samuel Oliver

New York Film Academy Summer Camp Student

Thank you for the incredible opportunity to attend your High School
Summer Program in New York City last week. It was a truly inspirational
and life-changing experience that only increased my love and passion
for the art of acting. Good luck to all of your teachers, students, and TA’s this week, and for the rest of the Summer. I hope at least one of your future students will feel the same impact that I felt after only a week under the influence and guidance of New York Film Academy and its instructors.

Best Regards,

Kellie Mardula

New York Film Academy 1 Week Acting Program

Hi Stephanie, New York Film Academy Admissions Counselor,

Just wanted to send you a message to let you know how much Tyler loved the New York Film Academy Camp. He said it was even better than he ever expected. He thought that the teachers, especially Derek and Ms. Baker, were amazing and he misses them already. He said that all the counselors there were so nice to him and that the evening entertainment, especially walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, were memories he will never forget. He made so many friends from around the world and is still raving about his experience. I wish he signed up for the four week program!

Ty wanted me to pass on that he will never forget everyone there, even when he is famous ( you never know, anything is possible ) Have a great day.

Warm regards, Robin Watson (Tyler’s mom, 1 week acting program)

New York Film Academy 3 Week Filmmaking Student

Dear Stephanie, New York Film Academy Admissions Counselor

Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you dearly for the good time my daughter Rama had the last three weeks at the New York Film Academy – an experience that will be forever engraved in her memory.

Take care and thank you again.

Diala Tinawi, Rama’s mom

Our Daughter, Rama, is already planing for next year’s course. She also has an Italian friend who is looking forward to join after he heard about her wonderful experience.
I thank you and all at New York Film Academy for your professional efforts to ensure the success of the course and well being of the students.
Zak Tinawai, Rama’s father

New York Film Academy 4 Week Acting Student

Dear Stephanie, New York Film Academy Admissions Counselor,

I am sincerely and incredibly appreciative of all you have done for us to make the New York Film Academy experience a good one!

We met her in person in New York, in December, and she took us on a tour to both campuses and did a mini coaching session with our son. The experience was wonderful. Both my husband and I wanted to go to acting school after spending the morning with Stephanie! Her energy, knowledge of acting/directing/coaching in combination with her knowledge of the New York Film Academy programs and the acting “business” were incredible. She even recommended a show, Traces, which we went to and loved – it beat Spiderman hands down!

Stephanie was always lightening fast in responding to all of my questions and great at communicating information to others about my son, his itinerary, his credits, etc. at New York Film Academy. We live in the Middle East and our son lives in South America, so getting things set up and well communicated across 3 continents was a big task. Stephanie made everything easy and was always personable and professional (and best of all funny!) I can’t thank her enough! The New York Film Academy is lucky to have you!
Thanks again!

Melissa, Pedro’s mom (4 week acting student)

New York Film Academy Filmmaking Student

Dear Claude Kerven, Filmmaking Chair of New York Film Academy

I have been meaning to let you know how all your interest in me and
wonderful support you gave, have played out. Over the last year or so
Giacomo and I have collaborated on two really interesting short
videos. Giacomo is a gem and we both often refer to the Bob McKee
lectures you suggested we see.

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and perhaps buy you a
coffee next time I am downtown. My website is (
the two videos, In Transit and Venice Story are in Videos.

My very best wishes,

Michael Donnelly

New York Film Academy Disney Orlando

Dear New York Film Academy,

I wanted to say thanks for having such an awesome camp at New York Film Academy Disney in Orlando. My son, Bryce came for the first time. He did one week film camp. He wants to come back for three weeks next year. He has OCD / anxiety and worries a lot. Your staff was so patient and good to him. Bryce learned a lot and had a great experience. Please tell Becca, Michael, and Sean thanks for all they did and the rest of the staff. Have a great summer.

Susan Botsford

New York Film Academy Disney Orlando Student

First, let me commend you on your choice of professionals you have sent to lead this large New York Film Academy group here at Disney.  Everyone from Michael to Alex to Gina to Shawn to Cindy is obviously a carefully chosen professional who excels in his/her area of expertise.  Their commitment, knowledge, ability to teach, organize, and remain pleasant and cooperative at all times is “spot on.”

The confidence and organization of the New York Film Academy Orlando Team allows me, as the parent, to NOT worry or question my decision to send Lana here at the age of 13.  She is in good hands and I know it.  The security and tight ship your people run is imperative in this situation and they have it totally under control.

Next, let me tell you what a memorable experience Lana is having here at New York Film Academy Orlando.  She is loving every second of class and is already upset about only having one week left.  The amount of material you have covered is voluminous, however, she is absorbing an amazing amount of it.  We homeschool Lana and her sister – and trust me when I tell you, there is NO WAY I could get them up at 4:30 am AND have them happy about it!  Well done.

Now that I see the caliber of professional you must entice to make this commitment, I understand why the course is priced where it is.  I now feel I have not “sent Lana to a course,” but rather, I have made an investment in her future.

I thank each of you for your commitment to excellence and will recommend this program without reservation to colleagues and friends.

Best Regards and many thanks,

Anne Winjum (Lana’s mother)