New York Film Academy 1 Year Cinematography Student Review

I am studying at New York Film Academy because I’m interested in studying cinematography and learning exactly what I want to do for a career.

I’ve found the teaching methods are very valuable here - everything is explained in great detail. I also like how everything is hands-on, because it shows not only how things work, but how to apply them.

I liked NYFA’s way of teaching, which is why I chose this school over others. Also, I wanted to study in New York City and the school is right in the heart of the city.

I would recommend NYFA to others looking to get into the industry, because it teaches you all you need to know and the teachers are really helpful.

-Anna Fiske

New York Film Academy 1 Year Cinematography

My experience at New York Film Academy so far has been awesome. I took the 8-Week filmmaking program and I learned a lot. I also decided to take the 1-year cinematography program to improve in this area and help fulfill my dream of becoming a director.

The programs are very intensive and you learn a lot by doing and not just listening. Teachers are always willing to share their opinions and emphasize on what you are doing well.

The reason I chose to study at New York Film Academy was because friends of mine who previously studied here recommended it to me, and the school makes it easier for international students to attend.

I recommend this school to others because of my great experience. The admissions team, teachers, T.A.’s and equipment guys were all incredibly nice. I love the building and made great friends, which ultimately generated a great atmosphere.

-Michelle Cassis

New York Film Academy 1 Year Cinematography

After completing a 4-Week workshop at the New York Film Academy, I loved the school and decided to take another course.

Paul Warner is a great instructor and does a great job teaching us safety and protocol to ensure our safety in our various projects.

I chose New York Film Academy over other schools because it allows you to specialize in the field of your interest and is not an intimidating environment.

-Lucas Nobrega