New York Film Academy Filmmaking Student

I am studying at New York Film Academy to pursue a career in writing and directing, learn about the industry, and build a portfolio. The hands-on approach has been the most valuable teaching method throughout my studies.

Since I did not want to wait four years to build a portfolio or be able to work with a camera, I chose to study at New York Film Academy because other schools do not have these same opportunities.

I would strongly recommend NYFA to others because it’s intense and shows you exactly how it would be to work in the actual industry.

-Dijana Beslin

New York Film Academy 1 Year Filmmaking Student

My goal after studying at New York Film Academy is to write and direct. I’m partial to experimental filmmaking and love the school’s hands-on approach method. The access to equipment and small classes are the reason I chose this school over other schools. The intensive approach works and the focus on filmmaking are why I recommend this to people looking to break into this industry.

-Kenneth Quiros

New York Film Academy Acting Student


My name is Ndaka Chigariro. I was enrolled at New York Film Academy by Jack Newman, who made my application process very smooth. I’ve enjoyed my time at New York Film Academy LA largely because I had an enthusiastic team of instructors, who never gave up on me when I was running low on hope of harnessing the necessary tools to enable me to be an actor. With what I’ve learn, I can certifiably say that I’ve grown as a budding actor. The Meisner classes were key in understanding my role as an actor. I now see where I’ve been wrong in the work I’ve done in the past. Without Meisner, the other classes would have been useless for me, I’d say.

I intend to pursue acting as a career, and hope to produce stories. I’d also like to write and hopefully direct films in the future. For now, I’ll focus on acting and screenwriting. I’ve just inquired about the screenwriting course at New York Film Academy and hope to enroll next year.

Overall, I have to say I’m excited to have had the opportunity to attend New York Film Academy and learn the amount of skills I’ve acquire. I look forward to joining the working world next year.

Ndaka Chigariro

New York Film Academy 4 Week Acting Student

Dear Stephanie, New York Film Academy Admissions Counselor,

I am sincerely and incredibly appreciative of all you have done for us to make the New York Film Academy experience a good one!

We met her in person in New York, in December, and she took us on a tour to both campuses and did a mini coaching session with our son. The experience was wonderful. Both my husband and I wanted to go to acting school after spending the morning with Stephanie! Her energy, knowledge of acting/directing/coaching in combination with her knowledge of the New York Film Academy programs and the acting “business” were incredible. She even recommended a show, Traces, which we went to and loved – it beat Spiderman hands down!

Stephanie was always lightening fast in responding to all of my questions and great at communicating information to others about my son, his itinerary, his credits, etc. at New York Film Academy. We live in the Middle East and our son lives in South America, so getting things set up and well communicated across 3 continents was a big task. Stephanie made everything easy and was always personable and professional (and best of all funny!) I can’t thank her enough! The New York Film Academy is lucky to have you!
Thanks again!

Melissa, Pedro’s mom (4 week acting student)