NYFA Tween Camp Student

I wrote and talked to you last summer when Taos was coming from Singapore to participate in the New York Film Academy film course near Wall Street, with lodging included. I tried to find you a few times during the session, since I was staying in town with my daughter who was on the Tweens NYFA option, but understand you work at a different campus.
Just wanted to say the program was (is) SUPERB. Taos really enjoyed himself, and the counselors were GREAT. It’s an excellent, well-run, responsible program. Both children had a fantastic time, and we highly recommend it to our friends. You remember I wanted to make sure that Taos was sheltered during his on-campus lodging, given that we live in a conservative society back in Singapore. Taos ended up with another international student who’d gone to his same elementary school in Singapore, so he were very happy. He’s got the door name tag from NYFA on his bedroom door now. It was an excellent program, and really helped him get a leg-up in his filmmaking course at school this year. Big kudos to the counselors too.
Susan Chang

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