New York Film Academy Filmmaking Student

I am studying at the New York Film Academy because it is one of the best film schools in the world and I love film. After I graduate, I want to find a job in the film industry. Also, I think NYFA gives students more hands-on practice, which is also why I chose to study here.

While studying at NYFA, I found the directors craft class and cinematography class to be my two favorite classes – as well as the lighting class. The writing and editing classes were very beneficial and taught me important methods. Ultimately, everything I learned at NYFA was valuable.

The first reason I chose to study at NYFA, over other schools, was because it is in New York City. I can enjoy learning while living in a great city. I think the environment is really important and I like the setup of classes. Every class you learn a lot – which is very useful during practice.

I would highly recommend NYFA to others looking to get into the industry, because I think students who graduate from here will be more likely to get a professional job.

-Jinyi Liang

NYFA Universal Studios Backlot

The New York Film Academy at Universal Studios is located on the back lot of Universal Studios, Los Angeles.

Students can study filmmaking, acting for film, producing, screenwriting, 3D animation, photography, musical theater, cinematography, broadcast journalism or editing.

NYFA holds MFA, BFA, AFA programs as well as workshops from one-week, four-week, eight-week and evening workshops. NYFA also has programs for teens (14-17 years old) and tweens (10-13 years old).

New York Film Academy MFA Acting Student

Oddly enough, after researching all the best film and acting schools world-wide, what closed the deal for me was a very beautiful musical student film I’d fallen in love with on the New York Film Academy website. If NYFA could do that, then that was where I wanted to go. I’ll never forget the first day on the Universal Studios backlot with a screen-test, headshots and then an Improv class. School registration was never like that before. Within a few weeks the coursework was consuming. For me NYFA was an overhaul of workshops and acting classes I had accumulated over the years. We started with the basics, learning all the diverging methods, from Shakespeare to Stanislavski to Meisner. And we were on our feet, with Improv, Speech, Movement, and production workshops, trying out all the techniques. As soon as we had film footage, editing and post production was added. Every class included one-on-one tutoring.

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