New York Film Academy Disney Orlando Student

First, let me commend you on your choice of professionals you have sent to lead this large New York Film Academy group here at Disney.  Everyone from Michael to Alex to Gina to Shawn to Cindy is obviously a carefully chosen professional who excels in his/her area of expertise.  Their commitment, knowledge, ability to teach, organize, and remain pleasant and cooperative at all times is “spot on.”

The confidence and organization of the New York Film Academy Orlando Team allows me, as the parent, to NOT worry or question my decision to send Lana here at the age of 13.  She is in good hands and I know it.  The security and tight ship your people run is imperative in this situation and they have it totally under control.

Next, let me tell you what a memorable experience Lana is having here at New York Film Academy Orlando.  She is loving every second of class and is already upset about only having one week left.  The amount of material you have covered is voluminous, however, she is absorbing an amazing amount of it.  We homeschool Lana and her sister – and trust me when I tell you, there is NO WAY I could get them up at 4:30 am AND have them happy about it!  Well done.

Now that I see the caliber of professional you must entice to make this commitment, I understand why the course is priced where it is.  I now feel I have not “sent Lana to a course,” but rather, I have made an investment in her future.

I thank each of you for your commitment to excellence and will recommend this program without reservation to colleagues and friends.

Best Regards and many thanks,

Anne Winjum (Lana’s mother)

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