New York Film Academy Filmmaking Student

I hope to be a film director, which is why I chose to study at the New York Film Academy and learn basic filmmaking.

Cinema Studies has been my favorite part about the filmmaking program. I like this class because it gives you an idea of the style of the films and it helps inspire the films that we produce at NYFA. In addition to Cinema Studies, I love production workshops since students have a chance to work closely with teachers.

-Pablo Vaca

New York Film Academy 1-Year Filmmaking Student

I am studying at New York Film Academy because I want to know more about films, get more familiar with cameras, and eventually become a director.

The standout teaching methods at the New York Film Academy are the hands-on camera practice, learning the director’s craft, and the analysis about film shots by shots.

I chose to study at NYFA because of their philosophy – learning by doing.

-Lingling Ruan

New York Film Academy 2nd Year Filmmaking Student

I am studying at New York Film Academy because I want to learn how to be a director and learn the basics of film. The standout teaching methods used here that have been valuable to my learning are that the instructors are experienced directors teach you how to tell stories, and the talented actors.

I chose to study here because I wanted to learn from the best – New York Film Academy.

I recommend NYFA to others looking to get into the industry, because it’s a great intensive school.

-Jorge Godinez

New York Film Academy 2 Year Filmmaking Student

I am studying at New York Film Academy because I want to be a working director, and I am able to do my reel here. This school is also located in New York.

Paul Warner’s teaching methods are very valuable and the teachers here are why I would recommend this school to others.

Also, the building and classrooms are nice!

-Mateo Salcedo

New York Film Academy Student

Dear Evan, New York Film Academy Admissions Counselor
I think that New York Film Academy was a great experience and helped me in many ways as an actor and as a director. The organization is doing great things not only in New York, where it has become an institution, but across the globe. I really enjoyed my experience and am thankful for the help New York Film Academy gave me in continuing the pursuit of my career.
Best regards,  Leo Zaza (Hasan Aslan)

New York Film Academy Musical Theatre Student

Dear VP Boyle, Musical Theatre Chair at New York Film Academy

Thank you SO MUCH! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this program! You have a fantastic team of teachers that are so gifted and committed to our improvement! Thank you for this huge amount of work that you do for us every day. Thank you for being a director that listens and thank you for your trust! I’m proud to have been a part of the Musical Theatre program. Now I’m ready to dive into the crazy artistic world with more confidence because of my amazing training!

All the best,

Marie Betrisey

New York Film Academy Documentary Student

I enrolled in the New York Film Academy Documentary program in September 2011, because it was the most intense hands-on program I could find. I think it was a great choice! The program is structured around 6 film projects (two video logs and 4 shorts) in 11 months, which kept us extremely busy (often meaning more than 10 hours per day at school). I had the steepest learning curve in my life and have learned from some of the best in their field – professors who are also very productive film professionals. We had a lot of masterclasses where award-winning documentaries were presented by their producers, directors and cinematographers. I met some amazing young filmmakers. When our class started, we were 20 people from 18 different countries, which is a great experience on its own. In addition, doing a documentary program in a city like New York was a chance to quickly get to know the city in its endless diversity.

After graduating, I decided to take the opportunity to stay for an extra year of practical training (OPT). As of 1 November 1st, I will be interning at Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy Award-winning producer, Alex Gibney’s, Jigsaw Productions ( I will be assiting as an AVID intern on their latest Fela Kuti project ( As a big fan of Fela, and someone who spent part of their childhood in Nigeria, I am really looking forward to it :)

I cannot thank New York Film Academy enough for the fantastic year! A special thanks goes to our production professor, Alexandra Johnes (a kick-ass producer but also Neverending Story’s magical princess) for recommending me at Jigsaw!

Best to New York Film Academy :)

-Maria Stanisheva