New York Film Academy 1 Year Filmmaking Student

While studying at the New York Film Academy, I want to further increase my knowledge of film. I’ve done four years of TV production in high school and I’ve decided to completely pursue this craft. I chose NYFA to determine which specific niche I’d like to follow and make a career out of. Editing has become my main passion.

I like being hands-on while learning. This standout teaching method I have found the most valuable and helpful in retaining the most information. Examples of what teachers are speaking about – specifically visual examples are extremely helpful.

When choosing a school I chose NYFA because it would give me the fastest access to equipment to shoot, and it’s main idea is to learn by doing. This trial and error method helps us learn if we did something wrong and then provides constructive criticism to help us become better.

The equipment and teaching staff are excellent. The faculty has outstanding experience and knowledge of the industry, which provides us with a lot of different opinions.

-Taj Francois

New York Film Academy 8 Week Filmmaking Student

All I can say is, thank you New York Film Academy. I am really happy to have studied there. You really put me on the right path.

I’m currently directing my first TV series in Egypt…can you believe that? It’s a big production (I will send u the pictures later.)

-Mohamed Adel