New York Film Academy 1 Year Filmmaking Review

The New York Film Academy has campuses located all over the world in various cities, which is primarily why I chose to study here. I also want to start my studies in New York City and transfer to LA to finish my degree, which is another great benefit of attending NYFA.

I want to improve my skills in filmmaking and use those skills to make my own films in my home country. Here you learn by doing and not just through theory and talking about film.

-Ni Ao

New York Film Academy 1 Week Filmmaking Student

I’ve just arrived from the NYFA 1 week digital filmmaking course in NY. What an exciting experience!

It was a real intensive program. After two days in classes, learning different techniques with competent teachers, we had the opportunity to produce a short film which included shooting in several differents locations — all in the Times Square area.

I just loved this course and the structure that NYFA offers, as far as teachers and equipments.

I will carry this opportunity for the rest of my life.

Thank you NYFA and all of my teammates!

-Cristiano Fukuyama – São Paulo – Brazil