New York Film Academy 1 Year Filmmaking Review

The New York Film Academy has campuses located all over the world in various cities, which is primarily why I chose to study here. I also want to start my studies in New York City and transfer to LA to finish my degree, which is another great benefit of attending NYFA.

I want to improve my skills in filmmaking and use those skills to make my own films in my home country. Here you learn by doing and not just through theory and talking about film.

-Ni Ao

New York Film Academy BFA Filmmaking Student

My name is Joy Zhou,  and I’m from Shanghai, China. On September 2010, I got the chance to learn filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, as an exchange student from Shanghai Theater Academy.

I’ve been here more than two years now. I think what I got the most from New York Film Academy was the experience in the real film industry. Not only practicing on school projects, but also having the chance to see the filmmaking world. And that’s what New York and LA  have taught me too. Besides that, I also made some true friends in the industry, and got a great chance to know Hollywood.

Love, patience, and trust. That’s what I learned from NYFA. Thanks for the past two years, I’m now looking forward to the future.

-Qianying Zhou