New York Film Academy Producing Student

I can honestly say that my time at the New York Film Academy enhanced my skills and improved my knowledge as a film producer. Before I had enrolled at the New York Film Academy, I had been working in the film industry in Europe and even though I had experienced real industry practice by having had the opportunity to work in various high profiled European productions, I hoped that the additional knowledge I would gain at the New York based Academy would help advance me in my ambition of becoming a leading film producer.

I enrolled in the 4 week producing intensive course. The lectures were well constructed and our professors guided and helped us understand every phase of the film producing process; andĀ even more important, the role of the producer!

Unbeknownst to me, most of my classmates, who came from Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and of course America, already had some producing experience; whether in film, television, video or music. This was another great benefit because we all had the chance to share information about each other’s film industries and how markets work in thoseĀ particular countries. This enhanced our learning process to a more international level.

Overall my experience was outstanding and the knowledge I gained at the New York Film Academy improved my present understanding of the film producing practice by making it a solid foundation to continue building my career as a film producer.
-Elena Stanisheva