New York Film Academy Student

Hey Farah,

I’d be happy to share a little feedback concerning my attendance at New York Film Academy, and maybe contribute in encouraging a hesitant student to venture into the creative world of New York Film Academy.

I attended the New York Film Academy in February 2012, in order to take the 12 week directing workshop.

Being a filmmaking graduate, and having been in different workshops around the world, I had plenty of expectations given how renowned NYFA is. But to my surprise, I learned first hand that not only does the ENTIRE staff of NYFA dedicate itself to help their students learn, but also they are genuinely concerned about the students growth and direction.

In the most supporting and welcoming way, I was transferred three weeks after the workshop began to the SCREENWRITING workshop, where I found myself needing that particular direction to take my skills as a filmmaker to the next level. And I couldn’t have done it without NYFA’s honest intention and care.

Because of that workshop, I am now focused on Screenwriting, and I am taking the next step by acquiring my Masters in Screenwriting for Film. I have no one else to thank but the amazing team/family of NYFA.

I guess that’s what I have to say about NYFA.
And I do mean it.
Thank you Farrah.
You’ve been amazing.

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