New York Film Academy Associates Degree Acting Student

I started at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles back in 2010. Upon entering, I fell in love with the craft and the school instantaneously. Every one of my classmates was as excited to be there as I was. We were from all over the world. I’m from Canada and I thought it was going to be hard to meet people and make friends, but when you are all brought together for the love of the same craft, getting to know people is pretty easy.

The thing that is unique about this school is that it is all hands-on training. Of course there is in class work, but you learn and hone your skills by physically getting up and doing what we came here to do. Without a doubt, the teachers are what made my experience here a beneficial one.┬áNot only does this school have a staff that is more than capable of teaching the classes, they are also working in the business themselves. I don’t think that there was a better way to learn than to be working beside those teachers that were working themselves. They don’t only teach, but they inspire us. We go on a journey at this school. We learn the craft and grow in it as well.
The classes at this school train us in every aspect of this business. Whether it be ‘Scene Study,’ where you put together scenes and polish them up for a performance, or Stage Combat: where Jack Huang teaches Tai Chi and how to fight for stage combat. With many different types of teachers, (some working with Shakespeare, others working with commercials, and sitcoms.) you learn all aspects of the business. This school also has seminars all of the time. Whether it be a seminar from a celebrity guest to show a screening of one of their films, or one of the staff members (like Chris Devane) who are just so passionate about what they do and want to pass on all of their knowledge onto their students. You have access to a never ending field of knowledge at New York Film Academy.
I spent two years at this school and received my Associates Degree, and I loved every day of it. The skills that I obtained from my lessons are what helped me to become the working actor that I am today. I am proud to be a New York Film Academy graduate.
-Adam Shirley

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