New York Film Academy BFA Acting School

Over the course of the last 2 years, I have been a student of the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Throughout my time here I have had the opportunity to learn about acting in the most unique and intriguing ways possible. The New York Film Academy has become a second home to me. The administration has always been helpful with my requests and needs, and the teachers are some of the most respected and successful people in the business today. The teachers have become like parents to me, and they have made my experience here the best that it could possibly be. From technique classes to business classes, this university has given me all of the necessary tools to polish my craft and apply the skills learned to the regular world of entertainment and film. I have had not just the opportunity to become a better actor, but a better person as well. NYFA has always been there to ensure my education is the best that it could be and provide me with opportunities that go beyond what is necessary to be successful.

At New York Film Academy, we also get the amazing opportunities to listen to guest speakers. These speakers are the top tier of success stories in this industry and it is an amazing opportunity to hear them speak about their lives, experiences, and the ways that they have attacked their careers with nothing but honesty and advice to help us out in our future successes as well. From course curriculum to the projects we do outside of class, I have had numerous chances to practice my craft as well as find ways to succeed as a human being. Assistance has always been provided with finances and student aid, along with assistance from instructors outside of the normal class hours. This school gives us a chance to showcase our talent and progress by giving us live performances and film screenings to the general public. Each individual staff member of this school brings a unique approach to the industry and encourages all of the students to find their own paths. The school has given so much to its students, and I think that it will only come as no surprise to see myself and other students pay that forward through the success we share in our careers ahead of us. Thank you NYFA for an unforgettable experience and many more still to come.

-Daniel Snyder

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