New York Film Academy Acting Student

I am from Romania. I moved to LA basically to attend the New York Film Academy Universal Studios Acting program, because of the professionalism they offer and the decision of being an actor. ‘Hey, where is a better place to pursue this career than LA?’

I graduated from the one year acting program on October 20, and I have to say the time spent in school this year was one of the best I’ve ever had. I learned a lot in Acting for film, Meisner, Acting Technique  and Scene Study. I saw many opportunities in school and in LA; and I am looking forward to a second year in acting to receive my AFA degree. One advantage of being a NYFA student or alumni is that you get to attend a lot of screenings, Q&A’s, and showcases. You also get good discounts at Universal City Walk. Being an international school you make a lot of new friends from all over the world and learn a lot from their cultures.

You also get to learn and work exactly like you would on a professional set; so you get a good taste of what awaits you out there. If you study hard, audition, work hard, with a bit of luck you can make your dreams come true.

-Ovidiu Alexandru Cojocaru

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