New York Film Academy 2 Year Filmmaking Student

I chose New York Film Academy over other schools because I’ve always wanted to study in New York City at a reputable school. I wanted to learn as fast as possible, and I found out this school has the most intensive hands-on programs in the world.

The production workshops are really interesting for me because it gives me the opportunity to try new things, and be placed in realistic situations that can happen on a shoot.

I recommend NYFA to others because the staff and teachers guide you in the right direction to achieve your goals.

-Oscar Brais Revalderia Prieto

New York Film Academy 2 Year Filmmaking Student

I chose to study at New York Film Academy because I want to expand my story-telling and develop into a wonderful moving picture story-teller.

The hands-on camera work is a valuable teaching method. I enjoy getting the different point of views and understanding how it changes the intent. Also, there are always opportunities to ask questions.

This school is not only intensive, but I didn’t have to wait an entire year to hold a camera. I recomend this school to others looking to get into the industry.

-Molly Calliste