New York Film Academy MFA Filmmaking Student

Thinking back about the time I had at New York Film Academy, I must say that I have only good things to say. The hands-on experience with the state-of-the-art equipment is not only something New York Film Academy promises, but something you as a student can mostly profit from. My Master in Filmmaking program was busy and educational, just as I hoped it would be.
The staff and teachers at the Universal Campus is utterly friendly and helpful if you are in need of any advice. I felt always welcome and taken seriously if I had any problem at all.
Further on it is a place where you can make friends for a life-time, as everyone in the same boat of trying to make it in the world of film. It is wonderful to have classmates from all over the world and as such New York Film Academy is really the institution you would want to be. From Asia, to Europe, from Africa to the America’s the school is a micro-cosmos of the UN.
To summarize I would say, New York Film Academy is a place where you get out, what you put in – like with any place really. A personal commitment and a full conviction in your dream is needed, everything else, NYFA can teach you.

-Christian Jurgenson

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